There is no restriction on to what extent you can stop in either the short or long term garages. Rates are higher in the short term because it is a nearer area to the terminal. Both parking areas are inside walking distance to the terminal. EVV Airport has more than 1000 parking spots found near the terminal, which are accessible. Evansville Regional Airport offers reasonable short and long term stopping helpfully near the terminal. Attendant services incorporate E-V-Valets that will help with your things and help you to and from your vehicle, no tipping required. Favored stopping and limited rates are additionally accessible through the E-V-Vip program.

The first four hours of stopping in the short and long term lots are free. Parking isn't permitted before the terminal structure. The handicapped parking is available in the two parts of the economy parking rate. Impediment stopping license required. Unattended vehicles might be ticketed or towed. The rates for the long term and short term parking lots are as follows:

Long-Term Parking

First hr - $1

Each add'l hr - $0.50

Daily max (21-24 hrs) - $7

Short-Term Parking

First hr - $1

Each add'l half hr - $1

Daily max (12-24 hrs) - $14

Weekly max (5-7 days) - $70

Solar Parking

EVV is bringing to the most significant estimated sun based parking system. This energizing feasible, transformative achievement, is eco-accommodating, best in class sun-powered secured parking, and it is another demonstration of EVV's pledge to ceaselessly move EVV forward, upgrading traveler enhancements while remembering the earth. EVV's sunlight based parking covering venture will be the nation's most prominent air terminal solar canopy in size at 1.3 megawatts. EVV will be only the fifth air terminal with sunlight based coverings out of more than 3,600 US air terminals. EVV's new sun oriented secured stopping shades will supply 50% of the terminal's capacity.


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